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Vitamin C: The key to health

Vitamin C has recently been mentioned constantly, whether connected with a new coronavirus or a general strengthening of immunity. Many people perceive this vitamin as the most important for the human body. It is justified because it brings us countless benefits, which we would like to share with you in this article.

Vitamin C, as one of the few vitamins, is characterized by its excellent solubility in water. This ability helps us prevent overdose, as excess vitamin C leaves the body in the urine. Like the other vitamins, the body cannot create this vitamin itself, so we should supplement it regularly and sufficient quantities. Rich sources of vitamin C are especially fruits and vegetables. If you do not have the chance to supplement the body with various fruits and vegetables, you can rely on quality food supplements.

Benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin C is irreplaceable for countless processes in the body. It is essential, for example, in the formation and metabolism of collagen. It also acts as an irreplaceable antioxidant, i.e., it fights free radicals in the body, causing excess oxidation and cell breakdown.

It also helps prevent cardiovascular diseases that are the issues for many people. It also relieves the body of heavy metals such as iron and copper, helping with their metabolism. Finally, it has a remarkable positive effect on the body’s immunity, thus improving its defense ability. Thanks to its various effects, it is irreplaceable for the body. We need it for every process and function in the body.

Dosage and sources of vitamin C

As we have already mentioned, quality sources of vitamin C are fruits and vegetables. Those with the highest amount of this vitamin are:


  • rosehip
  • black currant
  • kiwi
  • lemons
  • lichi
  • papaya
  • strawberries


  • chili peppers
  • yellow peppers
  • parsley
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprout

If you need to supplement your body with a high vitamin C dose quickly, the great option is quality food supplements. We recommend, for example, our liposomal vitamin C, characterized by excellent absorption, therefore the perfect solution for the body.

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