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All our products are made with great responsibility and respect for Adelle Davis’s teachings, using the latest trends in biochemistry and the production of nutritional supplements. We perceive the human organism as a unique concept. We believe that the deficiency of some of the critical vitamins and minerals significantly contributes to developing diseases and illnesses. By supplementing the missing elements in the body, we can restore the body’s natural strength and vitality.


Adelle Davis, a visionary and pioneer in a healthy diet, advocated a healthy lifestyle and diet. She considered the consumption of natural, unprocessed foods and the appropriate supplementation of the necessary vitamins and minerals into the body to be the key to health. Adelle Davis will stay forever in history as “The first lady whose publications have become the foundation of health.

“We are much more than just what we eat. But what we eat can help us be much more than we are now.”

Adelle Davis”

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